We always work do things right. From selecting our grapes to painstakingly hand stirring every barrel, we revel in each step of the process.

  • We harvest our Chardonnay grapes when they reach peak ripeness. This leads to juicy, scrumptious notes of pineapple and Bosc pear. 

    Our grapes are grown under California sunshine without GMO’s or pesticides (our practices in the vineyard are Certified Sustainable). 

  • We do both primary and malolactic fermentation in fusion barrels made of 50% American Oak and 50% French oak – a nifty little innovation that allows us to make bold complex chardonnay without blending barrels. 

    In the primary fermentation process, the rich texture you’ve come to know us by begins to develop.  

    In the malolactic fermentation process, the signature butteryness begins leaving you with a velvet-like texture and buttery mouthfeel. 

  • Over 8+ months, our wine is aged in our fusion barrels. During the aging process, the barrels are able to impart their distinctive flavors on our wine – American Oak delivers notes of coconut and vanilla, and French Oak gives our Chardonnay its nuanced spice. Because chardonnay grapes are great at soaking up the flavors of the wood they’re barreled in, we’re able to create a complex yet deeply complementary flavor profile.

  • Each barrel is hand stirred every 2 weeks to keep up our chardonnay’s signature rich, buttery texture. After 8 months of hand stirring our barrels every 2 weeks, our head winemaker Adam Popp tastes wine from each barrel and hand selects which should be bottled into the wine that ends up in your home.